Shippingazette.com is operated by the HKSG Group Media. Established in 1982, HKSG Group Media is a Hong Kong-based company with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Ningbo, Singapore, Kulua Lumpur and Penang.

Launched in 1999, shippingazette.com is a vertical portal providing the most up-to-date sailing schedule and shipping information to shippers and forwarders worldwide. Shippingazette.com maintaining the largest shipping schedule database in the Asia Pacific region, with data updating on a daily basis.

Shippers prefer using shippingazette.com because they get too many emails and faxes from carriers and forwarders.  It is also time consuming and difficult to compare all these schedules in different formats.  Shippingazette.com puts all carriers' sailing schedules into one standard format and updating everyday. You will also find many powerful features available in Shippingazette.com that you cannot find in any other web site.

Highlighted Features

Import/Export Schedule
Shippingazette.com Import/Export section provides comprehensive port pairs sailing schedule, you can search by port pairs, region or even by vessel name, a lot of enhanced features are bundled in the schedule, such as export to Excel, subscribe schedule by email, get freight rate quotation and much more.

Sailing Service
Shippingazette.com Sailing Service section provides unique feature for you to view schedule by carrier service, you can also search by loading port and/or discharge port, you can easily compare services for different carriers and export the data to Excel.

Shipping Company & Freight Agents List
Shippingazette.com Listing section provides comprehensive company listing for Hong Kong, China and Macau, which include shipping companies, freight agents, warehouse, courier, surveyor, insurance companies, etc.

Recruitment Classified
Shippingazette.com Recruitment Classified section is a good place for you to understand the recruitment market around shipping and I.T. industry. If you are doing a lot of time-consuming search in other newspaper, it will be totally different if you change to read Recruitment Classified.


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and much more...

Our Publications

Hong Kong Shipping Gazette
Publish on every Monday & Wednesday, provides Import/Export shipping schedules, carrier's sailing service, shipping news, and directories of logistics service providers; the real shipping tools that dedicate to shippers, and service providers in Hong Kong and Macau region.

Hong Kong Air Freight
Publish on every Wednesday, provides direct, transfer and cargo flight schedules, air cargo news, and directories of courier service, airlines, and air freight service providers for Hong Kong, Macau, and South China shippers and service providers.

Guangdong Shipping Gazette
Publish on every Monday, provides worldwide shipping schedules from Hong Kong and Guangdong Province, PRD feeder service, shipping & logistics news, directories of various logistics service providers, etc.  Guangdong Shipping Gazette is the best shipping tools in the region.

Shipping Gazette China Edition (North China / Shanghai & Central China)
Publish fortnightly on every other Monday for Mainland China since 1986, one of the earliest publication dedicate to the cargo and logistics industry in Mainland China.  The North China edition and Shanghai & Central China edition are published to suit the behaviors of shippers & service providers in different regions.  Both editions provide comprehensive shipping & logistics news, logistics service directories, and export schedules, etc.

Asian Shipper (Singapore / Malaysia edition)
Publish on every Monday since 1995, the leading publication for the logistics industry in S. E. Asia.  Asian Shipper provides export schedules from Singapore & Malaysian ports, plus comprehensive logistics directory for the region.






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