Black Sea unfit to handle 10,000-TEUers despite rising consumer wealth
BLACK SEA ports are not likely to soon experience 10,000 TEU-vessels docking as the ports as facilities are inadequate and productivity is too low, according to analysts at SeaIntel.
With the current overcapacity in the container industry and the large influx of new 10,000 TEU-vessels in the coming years, carriers are searching for new trades to deploy large vessels, said SeaIntel's Sunday Spotlight report.

With 10,000-TEUers being 40 per cent smaller than the 13,000- to 18,000-TEU ships on the Asia-North Europe run, the Asia-Black Sea services seem to be a likely cascading option, said the report.

What's more Black Sea nations have best growth rates on the European continent and have a combined hinterland of more than 200 million people, demanding more consumer goods.

But SeaIntel said only Turkey's Ambarli and Romania's Constanta can handle 10,000-TEUers with Odessa next expected to come online with such capabilities, if the vessels can dock at two consecutive quays.

Black Sea port productivity averages 0.3 TEU per minute, less than half of that offered by North European ports.

"It must therefore be concluded that the Black Sea ports in the near future, will not be ready to handle 10,000 TEU or larger vessels, as the vessels would spend a disproportionately longer time in port," said SeaIntel.