APL ranked No 1 in improving box schedule reliability in May
SINGAPORE's leading container shipping line, APL emerged as the most reliable of the world's top 20 carriers in the latest rankings of the Global Liner Performance Report by SeaIntel Maritime Analysis.
APL boasted of a global on-time performance of 85.5 per cent in May, as port congestion on the US west coast eased.

The report noted a global improvement in the schedule reliability of all the ocean liners assessed from April to May, with an average global on-time performance of 78.3 per cent in May, up from 72.8 per cent the previous month, a statement from the carrier said.

The company's on-time performance in the Asia-North Europe trade recorded an improvement from 62 per cent in January to 94 per cent in May.

A similar trend was also visible in the transatlantic westbound trade with APL's service reliability increasing from 55 per cent in January to 64 per cent in May.

Likewise, the carrier's on-time performance in the Asia-US west coast and Asia-US east coast trades rose to 65 per cent and 74 per cent respectively in May.

The results are 41 per cent and 15 per cent higher than its performance in the respective trades in January when port congestion, particularly on the US west coast, impacted global schedule reliability.